Inspired by the philosophy of our menu, the Masons of Bendigo beverage list is proudly local-focused, with an emphasis on the major Central Victorian wine regions of Bendigo, Heathcote, Goulburn Valley, Upper Goulburn and the Strathbogie Ranges.

Our beers and ciders are sourced from Victorian brewers within 100km of Bendigo, we have a range of Victorian spirits available and even our listed soft drinks are 100% Victorian. We hope you enjoy our list, and please don’t hesitate to ask our front of house team for assistance finding a gem to match with your meal.



Heaps Normal Quiet XPA >.05Dandenong7
Otways Prickly Moses Light BeerOtways8
Cornella Midland Kolsch mid-strengthHeathcote11
40 Acres Till the Cows Come Home Pale AleSandon10
Bendigo Pale Ale Bendigo 11
East Bendigo Brewing Company XPABendigo11
Hepburn Springs Pilsner LagerHepburn Springs13
Palling Bros LagerHeathcote11
Cornella DraughtHeathcote12
Palling Bros Buried Treasure SourHeathcote13
Hepburn Springs Cream AleHepburn15
Palling Bros Weissbier DunkelHeathcote15
Cornella Black Velvet Oatmeal StoutHeathcote15
True Brew Ginger BeerBendigo9
 Harcourt Apple Cider 500ml (sweet)Harcourt15


 All listed Masons of Bendigo cocktails contain at least one Australian spirit  
 Dirty G & T 14
 Animus Distillery Arboretum gin, Strangelove dirty tonic water, rosemary, orange  
 Classic Martini 20
 Animus Distillery Classic Dry Gin, MAiDENii Dry Vermouth with your choice of olives or a twist  
Loch Vodka Martini20
Loch Vodka, MAiDENii classic vermouth with your choice of olives or twist 
New York Sour 20
Archie Rose White Rye whisky, lemon juice, Whistling Eagle Touriga
 Apple Pie Shine 18
 Melbourne Apple Pie Moonshine, Hepburn Spring Ginger Beer Mineral Water, lime  
Pommeau Sabre20
Harcourt Pommeau, Angostura aromatic bitters, Mitchell Harris Sabre, cinnamon and panela sugar
 Espresso Martini 20
 Loch Brewery Australian Vodka, Kalua, Licor 43, Custom Coffee Masons blend espresso  
Aperol Spritz16
Adelaide Hills Distillery ‘The Italian’ bitter orange, Aperol, NV All Saints Prosecco, soda water
Golden Cadillac20
White crème de cacao, Licor 43, orange juice, cream, Angostura orange bitters
Lemongrass Vodka18
Loch Vodka, Licor 43, lemongrass, ginger ale
Tromba Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, lime, salt
 Manhattan 19
 23rd Street Australian Whiskey, MAiDENii Dry Vermouth, Angostura aromatic bitters  
 Ambrosian Negroni 20
 Animus Distillery Ambrosian Gin, Campari, MAiDENii Sweet Vermouth  
 23rd Street Old Fashioned 20
 23rd Street Australian Whiskey, Angostura orange and aromatic bitters, sugar  
Apple Pie Shine18
Melbourne Apple Pie Moonshine, Hepburn Springs ginger beer
mineral water, lime




 Applewood Distillary Red OkarSouth Australia12
 CampariMilan, Italy9
 Adelaide Hills Distillery The Italian Bitter OrangeAdelaide16
 AperolPudua, Italy8

VERMOUTH (45mls)

 MAiDENii Dry VermouthBendigo12
 MAiDENii Classic VermouthBendigo10
 MAiDENii Sweet VermouthBendigo12
 ANISE (45mls)  
 Head Heart & Tales The Jezebel AbsintheSouth Yarra19
  Jean Boyer Emeraude PastisProvence, France13


 Animus Distillery Classic Dry GinKyneton12
 Animus Distillery Ambrosian GinKyneton13
 Animus Distillery Arboretum GinKyneton13
 Animus Distillery Davidsonia GinKyneton17
Big Tree Distillery Seasonal GinMacedon Ranges12
Big Tree Distillery Elegant Dry GinMacedon Ranges12
 Four Pillars Rare Dry GinYarra Valley11
 The Melbourne Gin Company Dry GinMelbourne10
 Loch Brewery Victorian VodkaLoch10
 666 Pure Tasmanian VodkaTasmania10
 Belvedere VodkaPoland10




NVBress BresseccoHarcourt11
2016Zonzo SparklingYarra Valley17
2022Montevecchio MoscatoHeathcote12


2022Farmer & the Scientist Sauvignon BlancHeathcote12
2022Granite Hills Gruner VeltlinerMacedon12.5
2021Tournon Landsborough ChardonnayPyrenees15


2022Whistling Eagle RoséHeathcote12.5


2021Quealy Pinot NoirMornington 15
2021Soumah Barbera NebbioloYarra Valley14
2019Wild Duck Creek Cabernet SauvignonHeathcote16
2018Flynns MC ShirazHeathcote15

DESSERT (90ml)

NVPennyweight GoldBeechworth14.5
NVPennyweight MuscatRutherglen14.5





NVBress BresseccoHarcourt54
NVBalgownie Premium Cuvée BrutBendigo45
2016ZONZO SparklingYarra Valley88
2019Armstead Estate Blanc de BlancHeathcote92
2022Montevecchio MoscatoHeathcote52
2018Mandurang Valley Sparkling RoséBendigo74
2017Sandhurst Sparkling NebbioloBendigo64
2018Glenwillow Sparkling ShirazBendigo64


2022Granite Hills RieslingMacedon Ranges68
2021Ian Leamon RieslingStrathbogie55
2018Granite Hills T O R RieslingMacedon Ranges68
2018Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock RieslingHeathcote86
2021ATR Writer’s Block RieslingPyrenees54
2021Best’s RieslingGrampians60
2021Mandurang Valley Sauvignon BlancBendigo56
2022Farmer & the Scientist Sauvignon BlancHeathcote48
2016Cornelia Creek SemillonEchuca45
2021Quealy Pinot GrigioMornington 67
2021ATR Chokstone Pinot GrisGrampians65
2022Garagiste Merricks Pinot GrisMornington 81
2020Granite Hills Gruner VeltlinerMacedon53
2021Granite Hills Pinot BlancMacedon Ranges64
2020Fairbank Field BlendBendigo54
2021Musk Lane Greco di TufoHeathcote93
2022Whistling Eagle Grenache BlancHeathcote66
2019Lome Viognier Marsanne RoussanneBendigo56
2021Bull Lane MarsanneHeathcote76
2021Wild Duck Creek White DuckHeathcote76
2018Vinelea Petit Blanc Marsanne RoussanneBeechworth62
2021Tournon Landsborough ChardonnayPyrenees64
2019Lyons Will ChardonnayMacedon86
2016Six Parallels South ChardonnayYarra Valley82
2022Luke Lambert Crudo ChardonnayYarra Valley84
2018Vinelea ChardonnayBeechworth86
2016Curly Flat ChardonnayMacedon108
2021Bindi Kostas Rind ChardonnayMacedon Ranges154



2021Fairbank RoséBendigo54
2017Best’s RoséGrampians61
2022Whistling Eagle RoséHeathcote57
2022Lyons Will Rosé Macedon Ranges72
2013Sutton Grange Estate RoséBendigo81



2021Pennyweight GamayBeechworth84
2021Quealy Pinot NoirMornington Peninsula70
2019Lyons Will Pinot NoirMacedon86
2019Rob Dolan Pinot NoirYarra Valley60
2021Lanes End l’autre Pinot NoirMacedon Ranges78
2021Ian Leamon Pinot NoirStrathbogie Ranges84
2019Crittenden Estate Kangerong Pinot NoirMornington Peninsula94
2017Pennyweight Pinot NoirBeechworth112
2021Musk Lane Pinot NoirMacedon103
2019Curly Flat Pinot NoirMacedon154
 2020 Curly Flat Pinot Noir Macedon 147
2018Tomboy Hill Jude’s Picking Pinot NoirBallarat145
2021Best’s Old Vine Pinot MeunierGrampians279
2016Sandhurst Ridge NebbioloBendigo66
2017Musk Lane Nebula #01 NebbioloPyrenees100
2015Vinea Marson NebbioloHeathcote94
2019Via Del Toro NebbioloHeathcote76
2021Flynns SangioveseHeathcote82
2021Fairbank SangioveseBendigo66
2018Linnaea 8 Track Sally SangioveseHeathcote82
2016Vinea Marson SangioveseHeathcote86
2018Silverspoon Estate The Third Man MouvedreHeathcote52
2019Heathcote II GrenacheHeathcote84
NVArmstead Heck Home BlendHeathcote78
2017Linnaea Cabernet FrancHeathcote82
2021Farmer & the Scientist TempranilloHeathcote54
2018Silverspoon Estate No Bull TempranilloHeathcote65
2021Soumah Barbera NebbioloYarra Valley60 
2017Serengale MerlotBeechworth62
2019Mandurang Valley MalbecBendigo56
2019Peerick The MangPyrenees93
 2019Fairbank SyrahBendigo 66
2018Lome ShirazBendigo62
2018Mandurang Valley ShirazBendigo60
2019BlackJack Block 6 ShirazBendigo86
2014Glenwillow Reserve ShirazBendigo125
2020Bull Lane ShirazHeathcote66
2019Place of Changing Winds SyrahHeathcote92
2018Bress Le Grand Coq Noir ShirazHeathcote132
2019Farmer & the Scientist Alquemie ShirazHeathcote65
2018Flynns MC ShirazHeathcote82
2017Heathcote II ShirazHeathcote 69
2017She Oak Hill ShirazHeathcote 65
2019Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer Hill ShirazHeathcote58
2020Paul Osicka ShirazHeathcote74
2018Armstead Matilda Reserve ShirazHeathcote86
2015Whistling Eagle Eagle’s Blood ShirazHeathcote125
2006Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock ShirazHeathcote372
2003Jasper Hill Georgia’s Paddock ShirazHeathcote431
2017Granite Hills ShirazMacedon74
2019Peerick ShirazPyrenees70
2016Terlato and Chapoutier Malakoff ShirazPyrenees65
2009Keith Brien Old Vines ShirazGoulburn52
2015Two Cells ShirazBeechworth54
2016Telera Rae ShirazMornington78
2017Glenwillow Cabernet SauvignonBendigo57
2016Linnaea Arlequin Cabernet SauvignonHeathcote76
2019Soumah Cabernet SauvignonYarra Valley81
2016Golden Ball Gallice Cabernet Beechworth 125 
2017Heathcote II Myola CabernetHeathcote62
2019Musk Lane Champ RougeHeathcote67
2017BlackJack Cabernet MerlotBendigo64
2019Wild Duck The Dabbler Cabernet CarmenereHeathcote76




2021Farmer & the Scientist Sauvignon BlancHeathcote28
2022Granite Hills Gruner VeltlinerMacedon29.5
2021 Tournon Landsborough ChardonnayPyrenees32
2022Whistling Eagle RoséHeathcote31.5
2021Quealy Pinot NoirMornington37.5
2019Soumah Barbera NebbioloYarra Valley30
2018Flynns MC ShirazHeathcote36


2009Terlato and Chapoutier Malakoff ShirazPyrenees154
2012Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz (3000ml)Goulburn444
2021Wild Duck Creek Muscat BlancHeathcote49
NVPennyweight Gold (375ml) *Beechworth40
NVPennyweight MuscatRutherglen40
* available by the glass
2019Wild Duck Creek Fortified Duck ShirazHeathcote15
Pennyweight MuscatBeechworth15
Amaro MontenegroBologna8
MAiDENii Nocturne Vin AmerBendigo 10
Amaro AvernaMilan9
Fernet-BrancaMilan 11
Sortilège Maple Crème Whisky Canada9
Massenez Crème de Pêche France9
Massenez Crème de CacaoFrance 9
Applewood Distillery EspressocelloAdelaide9
Archie Rose White RyeSydney14
23rd Street Hybrid WhiskyRenmark17
Dalwinnie 15 yearsHighland15
Auchentoshan 12 yearsLowland12
Aultmore 12 yearsSpeyside21
Lagavulin 16 yearsIslay20
Teeling Single Malt Irish WhiskeyIreland15
Michel Couvreur Overaged Malt WhiskyFrance17
White Oak Distillery Tokinoka Blended WhiskyJapan17
Crown Royal Canadian WhiskyToronto9
Maker’s Mark BourbonKentucky10
Woodford Reserve BourbonKentucky 10
Johnny Drum Private Stock BourbonKentucky 14
Melbourne Moonshine Apple Pie ShineMelbourne9
Melbourne Moonshine Sweet Tea ShineMelbourne 11
Kings Country Distillery Chocolate MoonshineBrooklyn, NY22
Tromba Tequila Blanco (Australian owned)Mexico10
Tromba Tequila Anejo (Australian owned) Mexico 16
Echuca Distillery Gold AgaveEchuca17
The Rum Diary Bar Spiced RumMelbourne11
Beenleigh 5 year Old Double Barrel RumQueensland8
Mount Gay Black Barrel RumBarbados9
St Agnes XO BrandySouth Australia17
Hennessy V.S.O.P. CognacFrance16
Delord 1985 Bas ArmagnacFrance18
Adrien Camut Calvados Pays d’Auge 6 ans d’ageFrance20



Lyre’s Italian Orange & Tonic10
Lyre’s Italian Orange, Strangelove 8 Ball tonic
 Lime in the Coconut 10
 Kaffir lime, ginger, coconut milk, toasted coconut  
 Step Sister 10
 Elderflower, lemon, lime, mint, tonic   
Berry Lemony10
Lemon, blueberries, soda, lemonade, mint
Lyres Mojito14
Lyres white cane non alcoholic spirit, mint, lime, soda
Sweet and Salty Mary10
Strangelove salted grapefruit, lemonade, rosemary, sugar rim
Ginger Desert Lime12
Lyre’s white cane, desert lime, Hepburn Springs ginger beer
Espresso Non Martini15
Lyre’s coffee original, Custom Coffee espresso, chai
Muntrie sour15
Lyre’s Orange Sec, lemon, Muntrie berries, egg white
 Mineral Water, Flavoured 300mlHepburn Springs7
 Blood orange, Ginger Beer, Organic Cola  
 Sparkling Apple 375mlHarcourt7