Michel’s Fine Biscuits

Michel's story….


I started my Biscuit business in 2002 but I think my real passion for baking began as a child baking with my mum for our family of 7. Our lunchboxes were always full of yummy home made treats, biscuits, slices and cakes and we all had our favourites.

There is something about creaming butter and sugar together that makes my heart sing, as a child mum would let me lick the bowl & beater of the “Sunbeam” and then the new “Kenwood chef”, these days the bowl is just a tad too big for such things but those wonderful childhood memories remain.

When I met Bill in 1985 and moved to Castlemaine, weekends were all about baking for his lunch box and the week ahead, being the sweet tooth he was he would love hanging out in the pantry after a weekend bake off and testing all the goodies. His parents would quite often visit on a Sunday and I would whip up scones, jam and cream and have a nice cup of tea or bring out the passionfruit sponge, again life’s wonderful memories are often sharing beautiful food with family and friends.


The Biscuits…..

I’m a purist by nature and we make all our mixes in small batches and use the very best fresh ingredients. I believe exceptional ingredients make exceptional biscuits and that our ingredients are our real heroes. We source local lemons, raspberries and blackberries with so much of our ingredients coming directly from our accredited farmers markets which include free range eggs, salts, extra virgin olive oil, organic rosemary and some nuts and berries. The majority of our ingredients are sourced from Victoria except our passionfruit and macadamia’s which are Queensland grown and our almonds which are from S.A., all are of exceptional quality. We love the Belgian Couverture Chocolate (Callebaut) which is incredible to use, simply the most delicious flavor on the pallet and gives our biscuits that WOW factor that we’re so well known for.