B & B Basil

Our relationship with George & Jan, owners of B & B Basil began 10 years ago when we owned and operated The Bridge, Bendigo.  Nick would take the short drive out to ‘The sheds (the hot houses) & have lengthy discussions with George on how he used the herbs & which varieties & sizes worked best for him. The micro herbs were a staple ingredient on our dishes.

Nick at the herb farm compressedComing back to Bendigo six years later, its’ wonderful to see a thriving, multi-million dollar business with George’s micro herbs showcased on popular TV cooking shows & on top end restaurant menus around Australia & abroad.

Since opening, Nick visits the farm each morning to select his day's bounty of zucchini flowers, micro herbs and edible flowers. Microgreens used include Thai basil, Greek basil, purple basil, flat parsley, watercress, mizuna, coriander & shiso.

Georges tempura fried zucchini flowers compressedDuring the warmer months, George's filled and fried zucchini flowers are a popular addition to the menu.