Holy Goat Cheese

Sutton Grange Organic Farm, where the award winning Holy Goat Cheese is produced, has a clear vision.

'Sutton Grange Organic Farm is an expression of loving and giving between people and animals, acting as a launching pad for many possibilities.

It reflects our courage to pursue our dreams in a way that respects and contributes to the well being of the natural environment.'

Holy Goat Cheese, made by Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda, is situated on a farm east of Castlemaine. As the name suggests, and as the quality of the cheese reflects; they have a respect and care for the natural environment as well as the health and well being of their herd. The cheeses are hand made using traditional French techniques to produce 100% certified organic goat’s cheese. 


Showcased on our beetroot gnocchi dish is the Holy Goat Fromage Frais.  

Fresh cheeses include Fromage Frais, Silk and Black Silk. They are the simplest form of cheese, are not matured and so rely on the quality of the milk for their flavour. Holy Goat is certified organic with NASAA, using milk from our own herd of goats. The goats are fed organic feed and free range over approximately 200 acres. The fresh cheeses are a true indicator of the milk quality and this is reflected in the quality of the cheese.

Fresh cheeses have a high moisture content and low salt content and are sweet and citrus to taste which compliments perfectly with the earthy flavour of the beetroot.

beetroot gnocchi compressed