Inglewood Aged Beef

Word of mouth is a power tool, particularly in the country where everyone tends to know someone from somewhere.  Sometimes you shudder hearing the latest gossip or who’s doing what and going where, but not so in the case of finding our meat supplier, James and Pat from Inglewood Aged Beef, with Meats on Brooke being the name of their butcher shop. A chance meeting with an old friend at the local hardware store gave Nick a new lead.  Into the car and off to Inglewood to see what the locals were raving about.

From Bendigo, Inglewood is a town on the drive up the A79 to Mildura, taking approximately 40 minutes from Bendigo city centre.  James and Pat have transformed the local butcher shop, replacing just about everything, in order to accommodate the process of dry aging whole carcass.  Approximately $8,000 worth of meat can be hanging at one time in the temperature controlled cool room & with the butcher shop out front, anyone can pop by and pick up some tasty meat for their next barbeque or evening meal.  Its not uncommon for Bendigo folk to make the weekly journey for their meat – that is the strength of quality in their meat.

We are delighted to showcase their beef & lamb on our menu, as well as their sourced duck & quail.

ribeye compressedInglewood dry aged beef is Victoria’s only 28 day, whole dry aged, grass fed, Belgium Black Angus beef.  

You may find on our menu a 500g rib eye steak for two (pictured), grilled and served with peppercorn butter and red wine jus or salt-bush smoked Rockwood Cottage lamb rump, crispy belly, croquettes, pickles, charred onions. All beef and lamb has been sourced from surrounding farms.  

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