PepperGreen Farm

Only a short walk from Lake Weeroona, and close to the Joss House, PepperGreen Farm is a tucked away community park for horticulture & environmental education as well as preserving the culture of Bendigo past.  This was originally the site of the Chinese market garden with a recent discovery of a Chinese kiln dating back to 1859.

The farm is now run by Access Employment, an agency encouraging local people with disabilities into the workforce.  After driving past one day & noticing the farm, Nick phoned the agency and arranged a meeting with Ros, the farm’s horticultural co-coordinator. The family was invited out to see what was growing and to meet the team.  The kids had the opportunity to pick zucchini, cucumber, squash, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, radish & daikon.  Long rows of rhubarb were growing as well as eggplant & we discussed the possibility of them growing and supplying our restaurant with vegetables – all organically grown.  As it is a not for profit organization, we offered to donate the seeds for them to plant & nurture until ready for harvest.

Produce varies according to the seasons and availability. Access Employment also run a catering arm and sell weekly veg bags to the wider community to promote healthy eating. Produce may include: eggplant, zucchini, corn, tomatoes, herbs, pumpkin, squash, rhubarb, pears & apples.

'Pepper-Green Farm tomato and French bean salad, black olive butter, brioche crumbs' 

bean salad compressed

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