Pyramid Hill Salt

Bendio StreetsDid you know that a chance meeting between John Ross and Gavin Privett in 1991 led to the establishment of Pyramid Salt Pty Ltd? The company was formed to research and develop methods of land desalinisation through groundwater pumping and commercial solar salt production.

Pyramid Salt entered into a joint venture with the Murray Darling Basin Authority and Goulburn Murray Water in establishing the Pyramid Creek Salt Interception Scheme. The $12.8 m Salt Interception Scheme on the upper reaches of Pyramid Creek (first 12 Km downstream of Kow Swamp) will lower the groundwater table adjacent to the Creek preventing around 22,000 tonnes of salt from entering the Creek each year. This will result in reduced salinity of downstream waterways including the Loddon River, the Ramsar listed Kerang Lakes and the River Murray.

When you use Pyramid Salt not only do you use the finest quality salt but by purchasing the salt you are doing your part to help the company’s commitment to the environmental management, sustainability and health of our river systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Both John and Gavin have remained committed to keep the company in Australian ownership and where possible sourcing packaging materials from Australian companies.

The company is the largest direct employer of people in the country town of Pyramid Hill Victoria and it supports local transport and engineering operations in the district.

It's a win/win as we enjoy cooking with this salt. It has a pure flavour which add flavour to a dish. Perfect for using to make salted chocolate ganache, to season a fillet of fish or give a gentle lift to a sauce or marinade.

Try the smokey salt as an alternative when seasoning your roast. The smell is fairly intense when you first open the packet, but don't hold back, the flavour balance once the meat is roasted works beautifully. 

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