Holy Goat Cheese

I was truly inspired by a talk Anne-Marie gave at a Food Forum in Daylesford a few years back. It really stuck with me.  Was it the values that her and Carla set back in 1999 when they purchased the farm in Sutton Grange?

Nature and following it’s natural rythum




Honouring soils, pasture and their beautiful goat herd

Was it that they decided to go with the land in determining what they would farm on their property? To stay small and be sustainable? Or that they were determined and have achieved their goal of producing an exceptional product we are all able to enjoy? Or that growth can be measured outside of an increase in herd and production size and export to = sustainability, quality and generosity?  There is much we can all take from these messages and they are a testament that 19 years later, this is a sustainable business model.