The Camel Milk Co Australia

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Young, innovative farmers Megan and Chris are changing the Kyabram dairy landscape, one camel at a time.

You know you’re onto a good thing when producers have an open farm gate policy and are happy to share their story and farming philosophy.  Megan and husband Chris are the young, innovative farmers behind The Camel Milk Co Australia.  Megan’s family have been dairy farmers in the Kyabram district and the couple knew they wanted to farm the land but were not keen on following in the dairy footsteps of the family.  They had been working up north in Darwin where they encountered wild camels and the idea was sparked.

They purchased a dairy farm and have been busy tidying it up and converting the milking area to suit the camels size and needs.  Camels are staunch creatures of habit and if they don’t feel comfortable in their surroundings, they won’t let down their milk.  Megan and Chris understand the importance of putting the animals comfort and needs as priority. Babies are kept with their mothers and routines are paramount.  If a camel is stressed in any way, they will certainly let you know. Mishandling could lead to a camel picking you up by the teeth and throwing you meters away!  Such is the power and strength of the camel.

Milking is done twice daily and processing is only steps away. They have a broad product range – the milk is sold fresh and powdered (their most popular line), made into delicious feta by Nardia at Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese as well being available as a range of soaps, hand cream and body butter. For those who are lactose intolerant, try the fresh or powdered milk; it’s nutritional benefits far out-way that of cow’s milk, particularly for those with diabetes. (watch out for the scientific studies on this later in the year)

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